Here’s A Little Girl Elbowing Her Sister In The Head At A College Softball Game

This is not a good way to treat your sister, little girl.

Here are two little girls, just straight chillin’ at a college softball game. Look at how happy they are!

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Aww, that’s so HEY WHAT WHY

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why did you do that, oh my god

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This is just on some serious sibling-rivalry you’re-cramping-my-style-type ish. Bet these two won’t be great at sharing clothes later on in life. Also, check out the reaction of that woman in back.

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This is just a perfect American tableau. It’s like modern-day Grant Wood.

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An amusing little moment, but in the end, one yellow-shirted kid had to learn that our actions are not without consequences.

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h/t SportsCenter Not Top 10

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