Dwight Howard Elbowed A Dude In The Face And Got Away With It

Pity poor Matt Bonner.

Midway through the second quarter of the Lakers’ second playoff game against the Spurs, Dwight Howard and Matt Bonner got tangled under the hoop. Bonner went down, and Howard was called for a foul.

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But upon closer investigation, it looks like Howard put his elbow into the side of Bonner’s face. This could’ve been called a flagrant foul; Howard was lucky to get away with just a personal.

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Later in the game, Howard picked up a technical for jawing at a ref — meaning that if he’d been called for the flagrant earlier, he would’ve been ejected. Instead, he went to the bench for a spell.

Dwight stayed seated on the end of the bench instead of getting up to congratulate his teammates coming off the court after their good run.— KEVIN DING

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That sounds like Dwight.

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