BREAKING: Here’s A Picture Of Craig Sager Dressed Like A Normal Human

Oh my GOD.

Craig Sager, TNT’s sideline man, is known for one thing and one thing primarily: his ridiculous, eclectic array of suits and ties.

ID: 1136472

They run the gamut from pea-green and paisley to the color blue your blood probably is before you bleed it.

ID: 1136475

Or — hell, I don’t know. Some colors aren’t meant to be described by words; they’re meant to be described by how far your eyes recede into your head when you look upon them.

ID: 1136476

On that note, sports fans just received one of the greatest shocks of their lives:

ID: 1136496


ID: 1136498


ID: 1136499

It’s… it’s…

ID: 1136500

It’s Craig Sager dressed normally.

Via Twitter: @2SMIDGET2QUIT

ID: 1136469

Not sure there’s anything else notable about that picture.

ID: 1136504

H/T to Busted Coverage.

ID: 1136509

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