Basketball Player Or Wizard?

Michigan’s Mitch McGary might be the breakout player of the 2013 NCAA Tournament. And based on this play, he also might be magic.

1. Mitch McGary has been dominant during Michigan’s run to the Final Four — through four games, he’s averaging 18 points and 12 rebounds. But during today’s Elite Eight win against Florida, he pulled off his most remarkable play yet.

ID: 1030509

2. Let’s take a closer look. McGary shows tremendous concentration, following the ball with his eyes while flying out of bounds. It’s an amazing play, particularly for someone who’s six-foot-ten.

ID: 1030518

3. Of course, this superhuman coordination begs one specific question: is Mitch McGary a wizard?

ID: 1030519


ID: 1030520


ID: 1030521

7. I guess that’s settled.

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