A Bad Call And A Buzzer-Beater Sends Ohio State To The Sweet 16

Aaron Craft does it on both ends of the floor, including earning a questionable-at-best charging call, to help Ohio State beat Iowa State.

1. The Round of 32 match-up between #2 Ohio State and #10 Iowa State went down to the very end. The turning point for Ohio State came when, down by one, Aaron Craft earned a charging call here.

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2. Iowa State’s bench was livid. If this had been ruled a blocking foul, it would’ve meant two points plus the chance for one more, which would have put ISU up four.

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3. And, upon closer look, they should have been angry: Craft’s foot was hovering above the restricted-area line, and if a player’s feet are on or above the line, it’s a blocking foul.

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4. In the minute following the “charge,” Ohio State hit a free throw to tie it up. The game then went down to a last possession for OSU when Craft, who had struggled offensively for much of the game, took over.

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5. His teammates were stoked — so stoked, in fact, that they ran onto the court when Iowa State still had time remaining.

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6. Craft’s parents were also pleased. At least, his mom looks pleased. His dad is like, “OK, not bad, but I made you.”

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7. On the other end of the floor, Iowa State’s Anthony Booker showed the downside of a nail-biting finish. It sucks to lose. It sucks even more to lose like that.

ID: 1010776

8. Ohio State will play Arizona in the Sweet 16 next week.

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