25 Reasons You Should Be Following The NBA’s Most Adorable Player On Twitter

To read Ricky Rubio’s tweets is to be transported to a whimsical, happy place.

1. He uses baggage carousels creatively.

ID: 334926

2. He’s an excellent basketball commentator/poet.

ID: 334925

3. He’s incredible at HORSE.

ID: 334963
ID: 335518
ID: 335514

4. He never forgets Mother’s Day.

ID: 334975

5. He has hilarious taste in movies.

ID: 334990

6. He and Kevin Love are the NBA’s Batman and Robin.

ID: 335023

7. He’ll teach you about the strains in Spanish-Mexican relations.

ID: 335013

8. He has the most adorable weightlifting sessions ever.

ID: 335012

9. He stays happy even during tough times. :)

ID: 335067

10. He lets us in on weird inside jokes about #SoapParties

ID: 335049

11. He teaches us how to go shopping.

ID: 335059
ID: 335526

12. He supports people who masturbate in public.

ID: 335073

13. He trolls his teammate Mike Beasley.

ID: 335084

14. He pranks Mike Beasley.

ID: 335095

15. He loves playing Angry Birds with Mike Beasley.

ID: 335035

16. He looks like Jesus, according to Anthony Tolliver.

ID: 335105

17. He respects his elders.

ID: 335097

18. He’s festive.

ID: 335174

19. He has a SICK home theater.

ID: 335180

20. He doesn’t get a haircut without proper investigation.

ID: 335186

21. He’s got jokes.

ID: 335190

22. He’ll put you in your place if you don’t know who Messi is.

ID: 335194

23. He takes care of his teeth. #dentisttime

ID: 335208

24. He and his friends will barbecue for you.

ID: 335218

25. He knows what everybody’s talking about: wolves.

ID: 334927

BONUS: He’s still learning English!

ID: 335523

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