15 Hilarious Athlete Twitter Crushes

Thanks to website twitamore.com, we now know the secret, absurd pinings inside these athletes’ hearts.

1. Aww — the Super Bowl MVP and his bank are so close!

ID: 891951

2. Skip <3s LeBron, even though he’s made a career of mocking him.

ID: 891954

3. Jose Canseco showing an impeccable (lol) taste in music.

ID: 891957

4. J.R. Smith loves J.R. Smith, obviously.

ID: 891964

5. JaVale McGee loves JaVale McGee, obviously.

ID: 891973

6. Nick Collison has blogged for GQ before, and this officially makes him a man of style.

ID: 891974

7. Brothers!

ID: 891977

8. Stephen Jackson has good taste in names.

ID: 891991

9. Simmons + Steiny-Mo.

ID: 892031

10. This is good teammate bonding, though unfortunately CP3 doesn’t reciprocate.

ID: 892234

11. OK, Steve.

ID: 892035

12. You’re not supposed to pick favorites among the press, dude.

ID: 892178

13. Ah, yes.

ID: 892171

14. This girl’s Twitter bio says she’s Charles Barkley’s #1 fan, so Shaq’s got some work to do.

ID: 892248

15. And Tony Allen… Well, Tony Allen is complicated.

ID: 892009

Thanks to Caitlin Kelly for the suggestion

ID: 892320

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