27 Real Life College Experiences As Described By Dogs

College kids are truly animals.

1. When your roommate asks you if you’ve been eating all of her snacks.

WHAT? ME? never… I hate food.

2. Attempting to take a selfie while on a run with your bestie.

HEYYYY just lil ole me, sweating and looking hawt as ever.

3. When you sleep over in you friend’s bed because you just couldn’t make it back to yours.


4. Looking in the mirror for the first time in the morning after a night out.

Run away fast. Back to bed.

5. Opening the door to your room to find that your roommate is insanely cranky/stressed/hungover.


6. When you get so close to making it out past the pre game…

So close, yet so far away.

7. When your friends are trying to persuade you that the guy you’re hooking up with is, in fact, a douche.


8. When you hit that bong a little too hard…

doin flips n shit

9. Trying to do anything while being hungover.

Don’t worry guys I got dis.

10. Taking that one last shot you reallyyyyy thought you could take and be fine…

I have plunged into the world of blackout.

11. When you just can’t stop twerking and it begins to get in the way of your daily functions.

Can’t stop won’t stop.

12. That frat bro at the mixer that is smokin hot but is too cool to speak to anyone.

I smoked like 4 bowls tonight bro, I’m not into this shit right now.

13. Hearing sum ignorant betch talking shit about your friend in the dining hall.

betch said wut?

14. Then when you get into an all out bitch fight with her right then and there.


15. When bed is calling your name and you just can’t resist.

I’ll just take a 20 minute nap…

16. Your friend that has that “brilliant” Halloween costume idea.

Nope. Never. Not happening.

17. When you sink the last cup in a game of beer pong.

Das right betches. Check dat.

18. When your friend’s ass gets stuck in the window of the frat kitchen you are trying to sneak into.

just. want. sum. nomz

19. Drunken hugs when you’re out and see your bestie.

I love you so much I jus wanna give you a big…

20. When your ex shows up at the party you’re at and you try to slip away as discreetly as possible.

I was never here…

21. When you’re just a little too drunk to notice that first step leading out of the bar.

Anndddddd faceplant.

22. When you just want to get laid.

Right here is works! Yeahhhhh this is perf.

23. When you try to photobomb your friend’s picture.

Almost…there…andddd she caught us.

24. Your friend that just reallyyyy wants to tell you about her night.

Lemme in bitch! Pleaseee oh please oh please.

25. When your friend drunkenly tries to make out with you.

Nope. Don’t do this. Not happening. We are too close for that.

26. That friend that doesn’t like to be in any pictures when you go out.


27. When you keep interrupting your roomie when all they want to do is watch their fav show.

What do you want me to do? Can’t you see i’m watching cops right now?

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