‘Tis The Season To Be Sleepy: 24 Dads Passed Out On Couches

Forget about Santa, eggnog, and presents under the Christmas tree. This is what the holidays are really about: catching your dad asleep on the couch.

1. 1. This dad fell asleep after 10 minutes of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

ID: 727500

2. 2. This dad had to lie down after “Gangnam Style” was explained to him.

ID: 727506

3. 3. This dad overexerted himself playing Wii Fit.

ID: 727531

4. 4. Sleeping dads: best Christmas present ever.

ID: 727536

5. 5. This dad makes a sweet dog bed.

ID: 727538

6. 6. This dad makes an even better human bed.

ID: 727557

7. 7. Masters of their domain.

ID: 727539

8. 8. This dad tried to play with all the toys and couldn’t handle it.

ID: 727545

9. 9. Best thing about a sleeping dad? Decorating him.

ID: 727550

10. 10. “Wash the dishes? Sure, I’ll be right…Zzzzz….”

ID: 727559

11. 11. This dad is just faking it so he won’t have to listen to your Aunt Edna talk about that time her cat did a hilarious thing.

He was there. It wasn’t that hilarious.

ID: 727577

12. 12. This dad doesn’t want to hear “Twilight” read aloud to him for the 100th time.

He’s more of a “Hunger Games” kind of guy.

ID: 727561

13. 13. This dad thinks your new boyfriend is fascinating, just fascinating.

He’s really glad you brought him home for Christmas.

ID: 727610

14. 14. This dad doesn’t mess around.

ID: 727582

15. 15. After these messages, this dad will be right back.

ID: 727586

16. 16. Like father, like son.

ID: 727589

17. 17. These dads are making these dogs very uncomfortable.

ID: 733423

18. 18. “Help me.”

ID: 733431

19. 19. Meanwhile, these two couldn’t be more relaxed.

ID: 727574

20. 20. This dad got his holidays mixed up.

ID: 727597

21. 21. All the caffeine in the world won’t stop this dad from catching his zzz’s.

ID: 733425

22. 22. This dad makes passing out look classy.

ID: 733427

23. 23. No Instagram here, just a sleeping 1970’s dad.


ID: 733440

24. 24. …I don’t even know what’s going on here.

ID: 727555

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