23 Times Liz Lemon Said What You’re Actually Thinking


1. When your newsfeed is filled with your peers’ engagement announcements.

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2. When the last thing you need is another vodka soda.

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3. When someone judges you for ordering dessert before your main course.

ID: 2572771

4. When someone puts the Chris Brown Pandora station on at the party.

ID: 2572833

5. When you feel defensive about your outfit.

ID: 2572806

6. When you’re tired of going on so many first dates.

ID: 2572885

7. And when your casual relationship starts to get more serious.

ID: 2572761

8. When all of your friends plan a weekend trip and don’t invite you.

ID: 2572816

9. When you can’t sleep because you’re thinking about your to-do list.

ID: 2572835

10. When you manage to get through a conversation with someone who’s attractive and not sweat through your shirt.

ID: 2572866

11. When you have to go to a social gathering without your bestie.

ID: 2572887

12. When your subway line isn’t properly running on the weekends.

ID: 2572895

13. And your friends try to convince you to spend Friday night in Williamsburg.

ID: 2573351

14. But you end up spending the night in bed with Netflix.

ID: 2572779

15. When a co-worker steals your lunch out of the refrigerator at work.

ID: 2572927

16. But you remember a new Chipotle just opened up down the block.

ID: 2573304

17. When your time of the month happens earlier than you expected.

ID: 2573330

18. When you didn’t get the job offer you were hoping for.

ID: 2573366

19. When you have a craving for chocolate but are boycotting Valentine’s Day.

ID: 2573703

20. When you overshare during a game of “Never Have I Ever.”

ID: 2573400

21. When your significant other calls you their lover.

ID: 2573425

22. When you get dragged to a birthday party and find out there isn’t any dessert.

ID: 2573435

23. And when there just aren’t any words.

ID: 2572908

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