22 Things That Happen In Rom Coms That Don’t Happen In Real Life

“You should really stop buying into this bullshit Hollywood cliché of true love.”

1. Your casual hookup makes you a period mix.

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2. Your internet crush and real-life love interest are the same person.

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“I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” Don’t we all, Meg Ryan. Don’t we all.

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3. You blow off your sister’s wedding to eat cake with your crush.

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4. You find the same book an ex-fling wrote their number in for you 20 years later.

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5. You spend Christmas weekend with other people your partner’s hooked up with.

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6. You fall in love with someone you pay to have sex with.

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7. You fall in love with someone just by hearing their voice on the radio.

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Sorry but… come on.

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8. You get serenaded in the middle of the school day over a stadium loudspeaker.

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9. You read your love interest’s mind after getting electrocuted.

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10. You make friends with your best friend’s wife after trying to sabotage their wedding.

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11. You share sexual partners with different generations of family members.

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12. You and your mom date the same guy.

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13. Your life gets saved in the nick of time by someone as good looking as Matthew McConaughey.

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14. You finally get a boyfriend once you trade in glasses for contacts.

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15. Your proposal takes place at Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue.

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And you pick out whichever ring you want.

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16. You’re flattered when your high school English teacher hits on you.

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17. You and your next-door neighbor both get scholarships to the same school for the same sport and eventually get married.

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18. Your friend-with-benefits organizes a flash mob to declare their love for you.

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19. You sleep in the same bed with your future father-in-law.

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20. And smoke pot with your divorced in-laws.

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At a family party, no less.

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21. You make it across an entire MLB field without being stopped by security.

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22. You’re attracted to people who say things like this.

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