26 Signs You Bleed Orange For Syracuse Basketball

Otto’s Army forever.

1. You own a closet full of orange T-shirts.

Holy Shirt! / Via Facebook: 68155350165
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2. And are used to watching games with 34,000 of your closest friends in the Carrier Dome.

Nate Shron / Getty Images
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3. When you can’t make it to the actual game, you watch on the big screen at Chuck’s.

Krystie Yandoli
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If you can get in to the bar, that is.

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4. You love Jim Boeheim for the gem of a man that he is.

ESPN / Via
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Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he’s the second winningest coach in NCAA history.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

When Syracuse beat Rutgers on Jan. 2, 2013, Boeheim earned 903 wins and passed Bobby Knight for second on the all-time wins list.

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5. You’ve shown your support by camping out at Boeheimburg.

Tents have continued to pop up in Boeheimburg in advance of tomorrow's game. #BeatDuke

— Syracuse Admissions (@GoSyracuseU)
ID: 2594645

"I thought my dad was crazy when he said he camped out for hockey tickets - now I get it." SU student w/ @OttosArmy

— Alex Dunbar (@AlexDunbarNews)
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6. The 2003 season has a special place in your heart.

Craig Jones / Getty Images

After making it to the NCAA National Championship games and losing in 1987 and 1996, ‘Cuse finally beat the Kansas Jayhawks 81-78.

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7. And you’re forever grateful to Hakim Warrick for his block that sealed the National Championship.

CBS / Via

There was less than one second left on the clock when Warrick blocked a 3-point shot that would’ve brought the National Championship game into overtime.

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It was seriously a thing of beauty.

CBS / Via
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8. Melo also has a special place in your heart.

Craig Jones / Getty Images

Before getting chosen in the first round of the 2003 NBA Draft (and the third pick overall) Carmelo Anthony averaged 22.2 points a game for Syracuse in his one and only season playing for the Orange. Then he led them to their only national title.

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9. But not this Melo.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

Even though Fab Melo played phenomenally in Syracuse’s 2011–2012 season, he was deemed ineligible to participate in the 2012 NCAA Tournament for academic reasons. If only he decided to go to class instead of party at Chuck’s during the week, who knows what would’ve happened that year.

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10. You try to suppress the memory of T.J. Sorrentine hitting a 3-point shot from the parking lot.

CBS / Via

Losing to Vermont in the first round of the 2005 tournament wasn’t exactly a finer moment.

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11. But you remember where you were when ‘Cuse beat UConn in the 6-overtime game in the 2009 Big East tournament.

Michael Heiman / Getty Images
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Because there’s nothing like beating UConn.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Imags

Jonny Flynn + his smile 4 ever.

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12. You take pride in Syracuse’s unmatched 2-3 zone defense.

Championship Productions / Via
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13. There’s no feeling like beating Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images
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14. Except maybe how great it feels to beat ‘Nova.

Chris Chambers / Getty Images
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15. You still don’t know what a Hoya is, besides the fact that they suck.

Marc Squire / Getty Images
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16. You were disappointed at the end of the 2012–2013 season that you’d never watch ‘Cuse play in the Big East Tournament again.

Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

RIP old Big East.

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17. But you’re also happy to embrace new rivalries.

Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT


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18. You have a framed selfie with Dickie V. from College GameDay.

Hailey Temple

Or have at least been in his presence.

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19. And have felt Otto’s warm embrace.

Chris Magnaye / Via Twitter: @SyracuseU
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20. But you’ve also felt the heartbreak of too many one and done players.

Marc Squire / Getty Images

You left us too soon, Donte.

ID: 2594621

21. You love that Gerry McNamara is still in the Syracuse family.

Jared Wickerham / Getty Images
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22. And after five years, you were sad to see Scoop finally move on.

Patrick McDermott / Getty Images


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23. You know what it’s like to have the vice president on your side.

@VP / Via Twitter: @VP

Caption: “Duke may be a worthy opponent, but I’m sticking with the Orange for this one. —VP”

ID: 2596677

24. And for celebrities to show your team love.

The Media Circuit/AKM-GSI /

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25. To you, Christmas isn’t just a holiday in December.

Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

Nice try, Tokoto.

ID: 2597759

26. March Madness is your favorite time of year.

ID: 2597854

And rightfully so.

ID: 2597940

Because you get to root for the best team in the country.

Syracuse University / Via
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Jim McIsaac / Getty Images
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