29 Of The Most Ludicrous Things That Ever Happened

Based on the rapper Ludacris’ Instagram feed and favorite hashtag, #NowThatsLudicrous.

1. This truck driver who’s either using the bathroom or driving or both.

2. Babies who get stuck in toilets.

3. This lady’s armpit.

4. Leopard-print beards.

5. Whips with bike wheels.

6. This faulty McDonald’s advertisement for bacon lube.

7. This hairline.

8. This roller-coaster skater.

9. The inevitable fate of this fisherman.

10. This landlord’s romantic gesture.

11. This frozen vehicle.

12. A real-life checkerboard.

13. This meme turned tat.

14. This road sign.

15. Alternative cooking methods, like so.

16. This guy’s underwear faux pas.

17. Christmas cookies aka elf poop.

18. This entire cat-shaped chest and facial hair situation.

19. Someone who doesn’t get that you can’t photocopy a laptop screen.

20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Driver.

21. This office in a bathroom.

22. This man who’s too thirsty to consider logic.

23. Beard bowls.

24. The man who loved Kit Kats too much.

25. Seriously, tattoos on your face are just not OK.

26. This pretty explicit photobomb.

27. This bootleg furniture.

28. This human work station.

29. And Luda’s face shaved on the back of some dude’s head.

Literally the most LUDACRIS thing ever.

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