Men Shaving Their Chest Hair Into Bikini Tops Is The Trend You Didn’t Ask For

Seriously, why is this happening?

1. So, this is happening.

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2. Men are shaving their chest hair into the shape of women’s bikini tops.

ID: 3567077

3. And aren’t being too shy about it.

ID: 3567068

4. This guy looks like he wore a chest hair bikini during his bachelor party.

ID: 3567006

5. And this guy is glad everyone likes his “summer get up.”

ID: 3567010

6. #ThisIsWhatBeingAManLooksLike

ID: 3567015

7. The chest hair bikini trend isn’t exactly a *brand new* thing.

ID: 3567092

8. This picture was posted on Instagram about two years ago.

ID: 3567087

9. But it looks like dudes recently have caught wind of it.

ID: 3567116

10. And chest hair bikinis might be here to stay.

If it wasn't on espn for America to see I'll just tweet it instead! The yotes are going dancing!! #ChestHairBikini

— Trevor Gruis (@FarmerGruis)
ID: 3567047

11. Watch out, world.

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12. h/t Bustle

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