22 Hilarious Jim Boeheim Ejection Memes Circulating The Internet

“I am not so sure I entirely regret it.” The internet doesn’t regret it, either.

When the Syracuse Orange lost to Duke last Saturday, Feb. 22, Jim Boeheim charged the floor of the court in the last few seconds of the game.

Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT

The internet then seized this opportunity to make one of funniest memes in college basketball.

Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT

1. Skiing Boeheim.

2. Star Wars Boeheim.

3. King of Pop Boeheim.

4. Borat Boeheim.

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

5. Jurassic Park Boeheim.

@MikeAndMike @Espngreeny @espngolic My Jim Boeheim meme

— ryan_abner (@Josh Ryan Abner)

6. Noah and Allie Boeheim.

SUAmy14 / SB Nation / Via

7. Angkor Wat Boeheim.

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

8. Elbow drop Boeheim.

@jandrews01 @maggard21 HAHAHAHA

— DeLongTweets (@Tommy DeLong)

9. Forrest Boeheim.

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

10. “Baywatch” Boeheim.

Jim Boeheim's spectacular ejection

— jordanbks (@Jordan + Bunny)

11. “Happy Clouds” Boeheim.

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

12. Sharknado Boeheim.

Getting weird with Jim Boeheim

— DrewGarrisonSBN (@Drew Garrison)

13. Photobombing Boeheim.

14. Puft Boeheim.

— BrianMFloyd (@Brian Floyd)

15. Homer vs. Boeheim.

nycgrillo / SB Nation / Via

16. King of the World Boeheim.

Titanic Boeheim

— BrianMFloyd (@Brian Floyd)

17. Running with the bulls Boeheim.

Boeheim running with the bulls (ht @wazzusjobu for the idea)

— BrianMFloyd (@Brian Floyd)

18. Breaking Boeheim.

Breaking Boeheim:

— brodiebrazilCSN (@Brodie Brazil)

19. Castle Court Boeheim.

orangegirl’14 / SB Nation / Via

20. Jedi Boeheim.

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

21. The Walking Boeheim.

One more "Angry Jim Boeheim" meme from me for @Cusememes, #Cuse fans, & #OrangeNation fans of #TheWalkingDead, Enjoy

— MeTommyJames (@Tommy James, Dreamer)

22. Where is Boeheim?

RockoutwithyourCockout / SB Nation / Via

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