Fans Everywhere Show Respect To Jeter In New Commercial

“No matter what hat you wear, tip it to The Captain.”

1. On July 15, Derek Jeter will play in his last MLB All-Star Game.

2. And Jordan Brand has released a new commercial to honor the Captain.

3. The heartwarming video shows everyone tipping their hats to Jeter.

4. Like notable Yankees fans Spike Lee and Rudy Giuliani…

5. Former teammates waiting for him on the other side of retirement…

6. Everyday fans who love watching him play…

7. The man who “made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.”

8. And even begrudging Red Sox fans.

9. The commercial shows that everyone has respect for one of the greatest baseball players in Yankees history.

10. Watch the full video here:

11. But don’t forget the tissues.

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