21 Reasons Angelica Pickles Is A Boss Bitch

“Get real.” Rugrats 4 Lyfe.

1. There’s no one else quite like Angelica Pickles.

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2. The girl gives a whole new meaning to being bad ass and is the epitome of cool.

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3. She marches to the beat of her own drum.

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4. And embraces all the best parts about herself.

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5. Angelica isn’t afraid to be in touch with reality.

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6. No matter how harsh it may be.

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7. She has a ton of confidence in her stunning good looks.

Nickelodeon / Via ta-n-y-a.tumblr.com
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8. And doesn’t worry about any pressures around body image.

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9. Seriously — she eats *exactly* what she wants.

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10. Angelica stays camera ready, because you never know when you’ll have a good photo opp.

Nickelodeon / Via childhoodlums.com
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11. Since she also knows beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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12. Angelica is smart enough to surround herself with good company.

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13. And knows the true meaning of friendship.

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14. People never want to mess with Angelica because she knows how to defend herself.

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15. And is strong willed in everything she does.

Nickelodeon / Via poshbby.tumblr.com
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16. She’s got dance moves for days.

Nickelodeon / Via pop-crash.tumblr.com
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17. And she sure isn’t a stranger to life’s luxuries.

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18. She isn’t worried about what anyone else thinks — she always looks out for #1: herself.

Nickelodeon / Via ashlee-1203.tumblr.com
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19. Who can blame her? She has more spunk and attitude than most grown-ups do.

Nickelodeon / Via imdanielle.tumblr.com
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20. Most importantly, Angelica demands to be treated like the royalty she is.

ID: 3703211

21. Straight. Up. Royalty.

Nickelodeon / Via fagsturbation.tumblr.com
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