Which Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Your Ideal Valentine?

Admit it, you would marry Inception JGL if it were legal to marry a fictional character.

1. You already know that there is only one Valentine for you. And that is the crown prince of loveliness, Mr. JGL.

ID: 2450339

2. But JGL is a man of many looks and many talents.

He has advanced skills in creating pants feelings.

ID: 2450765

3. He’s had long hair…

Sony Pictures Studios

Sony Pictures Studios

ID: 2450829

4. …and short hair.

Columbia Pictures
ID: 2450859

5. It can be hard to decide which version of JGL is the right Valentine for you.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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6. Would you want the sad puppy eyes of (500) Days of Summer JGL?

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight


He looks like he’d be excellent at rom-coms and snuggling.

ID: 2450365

7. The sleek, lovely lines of Inception JGL?

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers


He probably made dinner reservations months in advance.

ID: 2450560

8. Maybe scrappy, wide-eyed enthusiasm of hitRECord regularJOE is more your speed?

ID: 2450962

9. Or do you really just want to get down and dirty on Valentine’s Day with Magic Mike JGL?




Magic Mike JGL is probably a great conversationalist.

ID: 2449279

10. Do you actually just have a big, ridiculous secret crush on Hesher JGL?

Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Wrekin Hill Entertainment

ID: 2450991

11. Admit it. You’ve got a thing for JGL in Bruce Willis make-up. It’s OK. Just say it.

Endgame Entertainment / Via

No one would blame you.

ID: 2450280

12. So, which JGL is your ideal Valentine?

You can only pick one, because you must save some for the rest of us.

ID: 2450327

13. Tell us in the comments below!

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