Which American Girl Doll Are You?

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you’re Molly.

  1. 1. When people meet you, what's the first thing they notice?
    1. That you are just bursting with awesome ideas.
    2. That you have an amazing attitude, all thing considered.
    3. That you seem super, super eager to do favors for people.
    4. You’re a little spoiled, but you feel bad about it.
    5. You say sorry a lot, even for things you shouldn’t be apologizing for.
    6. You’re willing to befriend anybody. Why not, right?
  2. 2. Who is your celebrity crush?
    1. Rider Strong
    2. Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images
      Harry Styles
    3. Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
      Michael Fassbender
    1. Via Ian Gavan / Getty Images
      James McAvoy
    2. Via Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
      Ryan Gosling
    3. Caroline McCredie / Getty Images
      Paul Rudd
  3. 3. What do you need to get better at?
    1. Not letting people walk all over you.
    2. To be more humble.
    3. Not immediately going through with all your dumb ideas.
    4. Not trying to help out people so much, especially if they don’t need it.
    5. How to turn down an offer without seeming like a jerk.
    6. That moving forward is always better than living in the past.
  4. 4. Pick An Animal:
    1. Via Shutterstock/Vtls
    2. Shutterstock/ibsky
    3. Shutterstock/Vikacita
      Purse Dogs
    1. Shutterstock/LianeM
    2. Adorable, Defenseless Kitten
    3. Goat
  5. 5. What thing surprises you the most?
    1. How some people can get away with being so rude all the time.
    2. When a crazy idea you have actually ends up working out.
    3. When you try to do favors for people, and they don’t really turn out the way you’d planned.
    4. How cruel people can be.
    5. When you can’t get the things you need, even when it’s incredibly reasonable.
    6. Why people can’t just get along?
  6. 6. How do you celebrate your birthday?
    1. I have birthdays?
    2. Garden party, lots of fancy pastries, lots of glam.
    3. You’ve invited One Direction, who you are sure will come and perform.
    4. Someone else was having a dance party that night, so you figure you’ll go ahead and just appropriate that as your b-day party.
    5. Quiet, understated, ladylike.
    6. Having a party, and spending the whole time trying to make sure that everyone gets along.
  7. 7. Pick A Print:
    1. Argyle
    2. Via
    3. Rose
    1. Via
      Blue with Red Flowers
    2. Pink with White Stripes
    3. Multi-colored stripes
  8. 8. How far would you be willing to go to save the day?
    1. I would put gross things down people’s shirts if it meant I could keep them from getting what I want.
    2. I would go somewhere I shouldn’t be, but then I would do some amazing feat to save my own ass.
    3. I would steal things from bears because YOLO.
    4. I would chase after thieves, but not before changing the life of my school bully.
    5. I would ride my horse through a storm.
    6. I would sneak out of my house at night.
  9. 9. What's the biggest change you've experienced recently?
    1. You finally figured out what to do with your hair.
    2. You started letting people in.
    3. You repaired a bad relationship.
    4. Everything, because THIS WAS YOUR YEAR.
    5. Nothing, because everything you touch turns to crap.
    6. You stopped letting the negative people in your life control all your feels.

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