What Happens When You Text Your Family About Your New Spider Tattoo?

“Maybe you should have waited until after your wedding.” Inspired by this.

As a prank, I asked people at BuzzFeed to text their families the following: “Can’t wait to show you the new spider tattoo I got.”

This is how they responded…

1. Some parents were total smart-asses.

2. Some sisters have anger issues.

3. Other parents were Judgey Judys.

4. This mom just loves all living creatures, OK?

5. One dad wasn’t expecting anything better, anyway.

6. This mom might prefer if you put an actual spider on your skin.

7. This dad is just not having any of it.

8. Nor this mom.

“…and then she called me.”

9. Some of our families have real things to worry about.

10. And my mother just had many, many feelings.

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