17 Unique Pot Pies That Will Get You Hot

You’ll never look at pot pies the same way again.

1. This amazing chicken pot pie/empanada mash-up.

Recipe here.

ID: 1904612

2. No fork? Here’s a chicken pot pie TO GO.

Recipe here.

ID: 1904628

3. This has all the flavor and filling of chicken pot pie, but in crepe form!

Recipe here.

ID: 1904931

4. These mini Thai chicken pot pies have a red curry paste kick.

Recipe here.

ID: 1904555

5. These mini macaroni and cheese pot pies have little bits of ham in them, too!

Recipe here.

ID: 1904881

6. Chicken pot pie. Topped with BISCUITS.

Recipe here

ID: 1904914

7. This pot pie is not only vegan, but it has a golden phyllo crust.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905285

8. Was there ever a better use of lobster and brandy than inside this lobster pot pie?

Recipe here.

ID: 1905061

9. This ratatouille pizza pot pie is the perfect balance of veggies and comfort food.

Recipe here.

ID: 1904774

10. Cornbread chicken pot pie is just a food choice we all should have made a long time ago.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905096

11. This pot pie has pepperoni pizza stuffed inside!

Recipe here.

ID: 1905192

12. This winter vegetable pot pie is full of parsnips and butternut squash and lovely seasonal yum yums.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905380

13. This open-faced taco pot pie is a great mix of pot pie style with fresh veggies.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905205

14. This three bean chili pot pie can be served with either sour cream or Greek yogurt.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905211

15. This crawfish pot pie is also loaded with cubed ham OM NOM NOM.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905217

16. This chickpea pot pie with a biscuit topping is an awesome vegetarian option.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905294

17. This beautifully colored beet pot pie has GOAT CHEESE inside.

It will just plain complete your life.

Recipe here.

ID: 1905235

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