15 Iconic People You Had No Idea Were The Same Age


1. Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were both born in 1929.

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MLK Jr. died at 39, Anne Frank died at 15; they would both have been 85 this year.

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2. Osama bin Laden and Levar Burton were both born in 1957.

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Osama bin Laden died at 54, Levar Burton will be 57 this year.

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3. Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II were both born in 1926.

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Marilyn Monroe died at 36, Queen Elizabeth II will turn 88 this year.

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4. Malcolm X and Margaret Thatcher were both born in 1925.

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Malcolm X died at 39, Margaret Thatcher died at 87; they both would have turned 89 this year.

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5. James Dean and Regis Philbin were both born in 1931.

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James Dean died at 24, Regis Philbin will turn 83 this year.

ID: 2294946

6. Dennis Rodman and Barack Obama were both born in 1961.

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images


They will both turn 53 this year.

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7. Kurt Cobain and Criss Angel were both born in 1967.

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Kurt Cobain died at 27, Criss Angel will turn 47 this year.

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8. Paula Deen and David Bowie were both born in 1947.

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They will both turn 67 this year.

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9. Halle Berry and Mike Tyson were both born in 1966.

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Mike Windle / Getty Images


They will both turn 48 this year.

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10. John Lennon and Nancy Pelosi were both born in 1940.

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John Lennon died at 40, Nancy Pelosi will turn 74 this year.

ID: 2294479

11. Shirley Temple and Che Guevara were both born in 1928.

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Che Guevara died at 39, Shirley Temple will turn 86 this year.

ID: 2294768

12. Pope Francis and Buddy Holly were both born in 1936.

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Buddy Holly died at 22, Pope Francis will turn 78 this year.

ID: 2295118

13. Elvis Presley and Woody Allen were both born in 1935.

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United Artists


Elvis Presley died at 42, Woody Allen will turn 79 this year.

ID: 2294605

14. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Tom Hanks were both born in 1956.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Brenda Chase / Getty Images


They will both turn 58 this year.

ID: 2295388

15. Anderson Cooper and R. Kelly were both born in 1967.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Mark Davis / Getty Images


They will both turn 47 this year.

ID: 2294913

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