14 Crazy Family Traditions That Are Way More Messed Up Than Yours

This is why we can’t have nice holidays.

The people of Reddit have been asked a few different times what their most insane family traditions are. The people of Reddit need therapy, and possibly new families.

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1. Five-finger Christmas shopping with grandma.

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2. Stalin and Hitler coming down the chimney on Christmas.

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3. The Pubesday Cake.

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4. The wedding receptions with benefits.

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5. Giving crappy presents to your siblings.

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6. Celebrating pain with more pain.

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7. Staining the rest of your clothing red.

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8. Pouring one out at Yuletide for great-great-great-great grandma.

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9. The grandmotherly love tax.

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10. Celebrating the anniversary of the time your mom stopped having anniversaries.

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11. The subduing of the sister.

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12. Honoring the memory of fictional characters with theft.

What does this kid think, that trees just grow on trees?

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13. Giving strangers cream pies.

ID: 1741886

14. Taking pictures of the dead.

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