20+ Reasons To Love Ben Whishaw

My fangirl tribute to Ben Whishaw, who starred in Cloud Atlas, Skyfall, The Tempest, Bright Star, Brideshead Revisited, I’m Not There, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and The Hour.

Meet Ben Whishaw, Hollywood’s newest rising star.

He’s super sexy.

Last year he was in Skyfall

and Cloud Atlas

Several times

Even as a woman, Ben Whishaw is still a sexy mo-fo.

He’s got a good bod.

He’s a tender lover.

He’s so tragic…

…And so sad. Don’t you just want to love him and give him a great big hug?

But on the bright side, he’d be a pretty good on Twitter.


Ben was the best Q ever.

He doesn’t care about what you think about his complexion.

He don’t mind breaking things.

If you’re his girlfriend, he’ll love you long time.

He has a great American accent, not to mention he’s so knowledgeable.

Video available at:  .

He’s a force of nature.

He takes charge. Like a boss.

And drinks coffee. Like the boss.

Art gives him feels.

He’ll wish you luck, even if you are James Bond.

Man loves a good book.

He looks good. No matter what.


Hail to the King!

He’s sexy and he knows it.

He knows how to party.

He’s so good at kissing men….

…and women.

He’s so shameless.

All he wants is happiness.

He knows how to have a good laugh.

He’s super adorable.

He has the best hair ever!

Plus, I love the way he always smiles with his mouth closed. Such sexy lips.

And like every other good-looking celebrity, there are a ton of sexy pictures of Ben Whishaw all over the Internet.

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