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  • Taio Cruz - Troublemaker (Official Video)

    Taio Cruz just released the official music video for “Troublemaker”, a song well fit for the European market. The track leaked in April this year under the name “Believe In Me” and everybody was wondering why it didn’t chart. Well, now you know, because it was a ripper! “Troublemaker” is coming off in Taio’s upcoming album “TY.O”.

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  • Justin Bieber - Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Animagic Video)

    Justin Bieber takes on the classic claymation Holiday jingle “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”. Released on November 1st, the song it’s climbing its way up the charts and it’s just a matter of time until it reaches the well-deserved no.1 position. The track is featured on Justin’s Christmas themed album “Under The Mistletoe”. The cartoon (animagic) version of Justin is very well done, it’s just like the real deal. (more…)

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  • Yves Larock - The Zoo

    The track already received remixes from Muzzaik, Houseshaker and Ralph Good that you can hear in clubs all over the world. Yves is also a member of Africanism All Stars and you can hear traces of this roots in the original version: bumping tribal percussion, child-like village vocals, even animal noises. The video is quite a strange one, it starts at a dinner party and after a few twists it culminates with a Village People tribute dance with Mr. Larock in the center of attention.

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  • Duran Duran - Girl Panic! (Just Released)

    One of the best Duran Duran song since the 80’s. “Girl Panic!” is the latest single from their thirteenth album “All You Need Is Now”. The name of the band is from a character of Roger Vadim’s sci-fi classic movie “Barbarella”. This one of the first songs after their recent “comeback”, and with it they try to return to their original 80’s sound. Groups that have a huge history in the music industry really shouldn’t chase the trends, since everybody loves them for what they are and they should stick to that. View Media ›

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  • New Interview With BUSH Frontman Gavin Rossdale!

    Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale talks to KOvideo about reforming his chart-topping ’90s alt rock band. He also tells us of the humbling years when his musical career wasn’t so appreciated “No one prepares you for success, it’s overwhelming. You’re a jerk at first and all those things. But more interesting to me, and much more challenging, was the slide back down. It’s like being dumped out of an airplane, you hit the ground. Hard.”

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    The D*J*M – The Disturbing Jag Monkeys. A very interesting name, just like the band itself. The three brothers were compared in their childhood to The Three Monkeys, while JAG stands for their names: John, Alex and Greg. The French band has a unique sound, coming from the three different styles the brothers approach: electro, soul and hip hop. “Mueve La Cabeza” is from their recently released album “Dirty French Electro”, that was produced in New York. View Image ›

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