10 DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Shades

No need to squint your way through the summer.

1. Beaded Beauties

Studs and Pearls / Via studs-and-pearls.com

Painted stripes? So amateur. Now beaded stripes, that’s some serious DIY realness.

2. Chain Gang

By Hand London / Via byhandlondon.com

Gold chain attached to your shades doubles as a badass neck accessory.

3. Go For Baroque

Chriselle Lim / Via youtube.com

A little more time consuming, but playing around with some Sculpey clay opens up a whole new world in sunglass add-on possibilities!

4. Epic Cat Eyes

Carly Cais / Via kollabora.com

Rhinestones and neon?! No one is going to be able to ignore you in these babies!

5. Two Tones

PS I Made This / Via ps-imadethis.tumblr.com

For a more subtle approach, coordinating color two tone painting will do just fine.

6. Glitteratti

See Kate Sew / Via kollabora.com

Glitter embellished shades means you’ll be catching (and reflecting) all kinds of rays.

7. The Lace Race

Audrey Kitching / Via audrey.buzznet.com

Lace covered lenses to help hide an epic post-Sunday Funday hangover.

8. Like a Lady

Mr Kate / Via mrkate.com

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls are a lady’s.

9. Rhinestone Cowboy

Paper Blog / Via en.paperblog.com

Give ‘em major futuristic space-age vibes with gold and rhinestone topped shades.

10. Flower Child

Sheri Pavlovic / Via kollabora.com

The perfect way to channel both your inner hippie and your inner child.

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