10 Easy DIY Ways To Upgrade Your Denim

Celebrate the birth of the father of denim, Levi Strauss, by pulling out your tried and trues and giving them a DIY makeover.

1. Go short.

The Glamourai / Via

Get ready for summer by chopping off an old pair of jeans into a sassy pair of shorts.

2. Dot ‘em.

It’s Always Autumn / Via

Grab your trusty bleach pen and have yourself a new pair of polka dot skinnies in less than 30 minutes!

3. Distress ‘em.

PS I Made This / Via

Slash up your denim with an Exacto knife and then add in your sharpie color of choice for a slightly chicer version of those favorite beat up High School jeans.

4. Paint ‘em.

Mckenzie/Kollabora / Via

A few tribal stripes gives basic jeans a bohemian edge.

5. Stud it.

Absolutely Fuzzy / Via

Any denim jacket is way more badass with some studs thrown into the mix.

6. Jewel it.

Dionne Blackshear/Kollabora / Via

Fancify that shirt collar with some sew-on jewels.

7. Bleach it.

House of Pinheiro/Kollabora / Via

A much more modern way to do “tie dye”.

8. Add some flair.

Gypsie Sister / Via

An old scarf and a few minutes with a sewing machine will give you an enviable new button up to show off

9. Don’t toss the legs.

Jessica Robelo/Kollabora / Via

After you chop a pair of jeans into shorts, use one of the legs to make yourself a fun clutch.

10. If all else fails…

Ama Ryllis/Kollabora / Via

Turn them into something useful, like a basket for all of your miscellaneous crap!

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