10 Incredibly Cute DIY Projects Inspired By Animals

Live out your childhood zookeeper fantasy one craft at a time.

1. Animal Magnets

Jazz up your fridge, filing cabinet, or anywhere that would benefit from a menagerie of super-cute plastic playthings (aka everywhere). Directions here.

2. Dog Camera Cozy

The paradox here is that all you’ll want to photograph is this.

3. Papier-Mâché Deer Head

So much kinder than actual taxidermy.

4. Mouse Pin Cushion

Almost to cute to jab with a bunch of pins. Almost.

5. Queen Bee Cross Stitch


7. Owl Cup Cozy

Take your inspiration from this guy.

8. Animal Paper Fans

These would make an awesome party activity/favor.

9. Tiny Parrot

By the incomparable Mochimochi Land.

10. Animal Favor Boxes

Careful, or your packaging will be even better than your present.

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