10 Unconventional Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Step away from the PAAS dyes and check out these awesome ways to up your Easter Egg decorating game.

1. With silk ties.

You Want Me to Buy That / Via youwantmetobuythat.wordpress.com

Because Dad didn’t need all of those paisley patterned options anyway!

2. With chalk and clear nail polish.

Willow Day / Via willowday.com

Because “avant garde” is always a good excuse for questionable artistic skills.

3. With paper.

Create for Less / Via kollabora.com

When in doubt, stitch and rip.

4. With gold leaf.

Little Inspiration / Via littleinspiration.com

When is going for gold ever a bad idea?

5. With nail polish.

Henry Happened / Via henryhappened.com

You know you’re not really going to use all of that nail polish in your vanity anyway. Watch out for the fumes!

6. With paint and glue.

Martha Stewart / Via marthastewart.com

What’s better than a giant painted Easter egg? Not too dang much.

7. With indigo dye.

Tuts Plus / Via crafts.tutsplus.com

Shibori dye up some fabric and get in some indigo egg decorating in one fell swoop (or bucket….).

8. With Mod Podge.

Creative Connections for Kids / Via creativeconnectionsforkids.com

Any self-respecting maker already has some Mod Podge and tissue paper in their stash.

9. With dye and paint pens.

Marusya Grace / Via kollabora.com

Those Ukrainians know a thing or two about embroidery AND egg decorating, amirite?!

10. With a needle and thread.

Brett Bara / Via kollabora.com

Not for the heavy handed, but definitely easier to pull off than you think!

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