10 DIY Ways To Celebrate Mardi Gras

Quick projects to help take your mind off that fact that you’re not partying it up in the Big Easy this week. (Or to take with you if you are!)

1. Make a mask

Vicki Smith/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Because maybe you want to cover up your face.

2. Or just stitch one

Red Letter Day Stitching/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Because maybe you don’t.

3. Fold some pinwheels

Mardi Gras Outlet / Via blog.mardigrasoutlet.com

Because who doesn’t need colorful pinwheels just hanging around the house.

4. Don’t settle for just any beads

Lula Louise/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Because you’re way more classy than that.

5. Bake a few macarons

HGTV / Via hgtv.com

Because eating your weight in French pastries is always a good idea.

6. Dress up your table

Magnolia Creative / Via magnoliacreative.blogspot.com

Because your table decor should get in on the action too.

7. Create some drama

Dollar Store Crafts / Via dollarstorecrafts.com

Because you need a better way to use those beads.

8. Save your surfaces

Rust Sunshine / Via rustsunshine.blogspot.com

Because even your coasters could use a little glam.

9. Wrap a ruffle

Mardi Gras Outlet / Via blog.mardigrasoutlet.com

Because any excuse is a good excuse to make some ruffled decor.

10. Label your grub

Pizzazzerie / Via pizzazzerie.com

Because after all that making you’re going to be hungry (and you can decorate those, too).

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