A quiz to make you question your sanity.

  1. 1. WTF is this?
    1. IDK, sea critters from my nightmares?
    2. Uh like deoxygenated blood cells?
    3. Probably like space rock dust or some shit?
  2. 2. WTF is that?
    1. The foundation of the Rainbow Bridge.
    2. Flower peens (aka stamen).
    3. Extraneous transparent skin on something I don’t want crawling on me.
  3. 3. WTF is this?!
    1. A still from “Osmosis Jones”.
    2. The gateway to hell.
    3. Swedish public transportation.
    1. Uh interference from an ion storm in space?
    2. What your brain thinks about when you’re sleeping.
  4. 5. WTF is that?
    1. Deadpool costume?
    2. A potato?
    3. The most horrific playground in the world?
  5. 6. WTF is this?
    1. Omicron Persei 8
    2. Humanity’s true destiny.
    3. a rug
  6. 7. WTF is that?
    1. The most poorly drawn borders on Earth from space.
    2. A stained sliver of people?
    3. Fucking terrible abstract art.
  7. 8. WTF is this?
    1. ……..tentacle porn?
    2. RNA in Ostrich blood.
    3. Or like maybe sentient plant things.
  8. 9. WTF is that?
    1. “Supernatural” intro titles?
    2. A Georgia O’Keefe painting?
  9. 10. WTF is this?
    2. Weather ballon in flames, duh.
    3. A waterspout about to fuck shit up.
  10. 11. WTF is that?
    1. Like spider webbing or something?
    2. Real life “Armageddon”.
    3. Slices of 4D space!
    1. Like totally beautiful poetry!
    2. idk, astrology charts or something
    3. The greatest laser show in the world (pew pew pew).
    1. Definitely reproductive organs.
    2. ……….wallpaper?
    3. The universe and everything in it.

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