19 Whovians Whose Christmas Game Is Too Strong

How do you even Christmas?


ID: 2188492

2. This Whovian who decked the TARDIS.

ID: 2188817

And included Christmas cards from his companions.


ID: 2188829

3. This Whovian who is DARING you to peek at your presents.

hahahahaa have fun getting coal in 1927, u lil shit.

ID: 2188182

4. This Whovian who is creating the perfect winter wonderland.

ID: 2188194

5. This Whovian who knows the real legend of St. Nick.

ID: 2188230

6. This Whovian whose decorating you will appreciate or else face EXTERMINATION.

ID: 2188250

7. This Whovian who made gorgeous golden Gallifreyan Christmas cards.

“Christmas card I made for a friend. It says Merry Christmas in Quenya-style Elvish and Circular Gallifreyan.”

ID: 2188137

8. This Whovian who handcrafted every ornament on their tree.

ID: 2188294

9. This Whovian whose TARDIS game was so strong, her local fire department showed up to take pictures with it.

ID: 2188311

10. This Whovian who made a bubble universe that’s bigger on the inside.

How to make a TARDIS land in your own home.

ID: 2188381

11. This Whovian who outed themselves during Secret Santa.

ID: 2188408

12. This Whovian whose Christmas tree is regenerating.

“I tried to take a cool picture of my Christmas tree but it kinda just looks like its regenerating.”

ID: 2188501

13. This Whovian whose caroling game puts you to shame.

Art by AliciaMB, buy here.

ID: 2188171

14. This Whovian who handcrafted personal tear collectors for their best friends.

ID: 2188545

15. This Whovian who cross-stitched a Christmas Dalek to CELEBRATE.

ID: 2188558

16. This Whovian who knows that the best snowmen are made out of fat.

ID: 2188569

17. This Whovian who proved that everyone wants to be ginger(breads).

ID: 2188602

18. This Whovian who was like, “Do you even Photoshop, bro?”

Stellar art by jackdonaghy.

ID: 2188864

19. Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue.

ID: 2188892

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