13 TV Couples Who Are As "Unlikely" As Hanna Horvath And Her Sexy Doctor

Funny, suspending ‘disbelief’ (not that it’s needed) was never a problem for the audience on these other shows.

Dear “Girls” haters, Are you seriously saying that all these couples…

ID: 887401

1. Doug and Carrie Heffernan - “King of Queens”

ID: 886254

2. Jim and Cheryl - “According to Jim”

ID: 886406

3. Jay and Gloria Prichett - “Modern Family”

ID: 886425

4. Tobias and Lindsay Funke - “Arrested Development”

Bonus! Reminder: Tobias was a nevernude, an analrapist, and a blue man groupie, and a horrifically failed actor.

ID: 886472

5. Harry and Charlotte (York) Goldenblatt - “Sex and the City”

ID: 886517

6. Larry and Cheryl David - “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

ID: 886647

7. George and Angie Lopez - “George Lopez”

ID: 886669

8. Tony and Carmela Soprano - “The Sopranos”

ID: 886877

9. Sean and Claudia Finnerty - “Grounded for Life”

ID: 886913

10. Phillip and Viviane Banks - “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

ID: 886938

11. Al and Peggy Bundy - “Married With Children”

ID: 887010

12. Niles and Daphne (Moon) Crane - “Frasier”

ID: 887162

13. Bill and Judy Miller - “Still Standing”

ID: 886989

Are more realistic than this couple?

ID: 887436


ID: 887457


ID: 887452


ID: 887454

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