17 Times You Needed More Wonder Woman In Your Life


1. When some priveliged white dude is talking shit.

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2. When somebody tells you you’re distracting your classmates/coworkers by having breasts and legs.

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3. When you need a little sisterly love.

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4. When you need realign someone’s world view.

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5. When you need to not so gently remind someone your body is not a commodity.

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6. When you need to remind someone it’s not your job to babysit them.

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7. When you need a magical transformation sequence to knock the basic off a basic bitch.

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8. When you need a reminder that a hundred motherfuckers can’t tell you nothing.

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9. When you need to stand your ground (even if it’s moving beneath you).

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10. When you find out a male collegue makes more money than you.

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11. When you don’t need a stick.

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12. When someone’s intimidated by your prowess.

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13. When you know that anything they can do you can do better.

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14. When a stranger tells you to smile on the street.

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15. When you need to tell it like it is.

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16. When people keep coming at you with opinions on your body.

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17. When you remember there are some things that not even men can ruin.

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