19 Times You Fell More In Love With Karen Gillan

Flawless Ginger Queen of my heart.

1. When she made faux fast food look delectable.

ID: 3054518

2. That time when she battled disinformation victoriously.

ID: 3054549

3. When she was appalled by Matt’s sweater. J/K she loved it, it too understands the burden that is too kawaii.

ID: 3054595

4. That time she just * died * after snagging a selfie with some super famous fans.

ID: 3054607

5. When she met Draco Malfoy and was [screaming internally].

ID: 3054633

6. That time she showed off her “sci-fi family portrait”.

Hi I want to be tangentially related to Patrick Stewart.

ID: 3054655

7. When she revealed the TARDIS looks like behind the scenes.

ID: 3054679

8. That time she reminded everyone she was a bad girl at heart.

ID: 3054834

9. No for real, Karen’s hardcore.

I mean she hangs out with Meryl Dixon.

ID: 3054855

10. When she was like there’s no rule about not instagramming fight club, right Zoe Saldana?

ID: 3054866

11. That time she #tbt-ed to double Amy Pond.

ID: 3054880

12. When she blessed this proposal at Wizard Con.

ID: 3054892

13. When she hoverboarded into your heart.

ID: 3054899

14. When she taught us everything she learned on her horror movie, Occulus.

“scared faces”

ID: 3054916

15. When she dropped the original Eleven and Amelia Pond looks like twin bombs of cuteness.

“That was the 1st pic of Matt & I in character was released 4 yrs ago today, but, I have the real one from… 1st camera test.”

ID: 3054937

16. When she was like no no no, THIS is how you photobooth.

ID: 3054957

17. That time she revealed she was also a superhero in training.

ID: 3054971

18. When she premiered the official album cover for Karen and the Babes.

ID: 3055009

19. When she was like NO HAIR, DON’T CARE.

Being a flawless ginger queen comes from the inside.

ID: 3054999

Bonus! That time she gave us all this……….legroom.

ID: 3054622

Love you, you flawless ginger queen, never change.

ID: 3055047

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