This Week On “Parks And Rec”: Dong Swanson

And 16 other delightfully weird revelations about Pawnee. Like Jason Schwartzman in the role he was born to play.

1. Jean Ralphio has a sister.

Mona Lisa, played by Jenny Slate, is a nympho, pyro, klepto who sings and is easily seduced by Tom. But hard pass on Jerry.

ID: 986841

2. And has a song to herald her arrivals and departures.

Ben’s face though, omfg.

ID: 986883

3. “Lights, Camera, Perd”

“Which is why I give E.T. 1 1/2 stars.” This is how you do performance art.

ID: 986923

4. Pawnee still has a video rental store - and it’s art house only.


ID: 986962

Where you can only get things like nauseating fishing documentaries. No cartoons. Really just, the role he was born to play.

ID: 986970

5. Pawnee also has an open mic slam poetry night!

And Leslie’s actually pretty good. (Jerry diagrees, but he’s wrong as per usual.)

ID: 987005

6. Chris Traeger has a favorite Tom Haverford body part.

Tom approves.

ID: 987058

7. Uh, this is a thing that happens?

WTF Mona Lisa.

ID: 987096

8. April also has a favorite body part - but it’s not on Tom Haverford.

Apparently this is 1/3 of April’s perfect man.

ID: 987120

9. Pawnee’s branch of the Liberty Or Die party dresses like this.

Historical business casual.

ID: 987142

10. April has watched “Sex And The City” like the rest of us mere mortals.

And yes she totally is a Miranda.

ID: 987160

11. This is the most perfect sound in the world.

AKA Ron’s reaction when Leslie’s plan results in the Pawnee government owning a porn rental shop. Almost Jason Schwartzman, almost.

ID: 987180

12. Leslie Knope has a doppleganger.

And her name is Brandi Maxxxx. Also apparently you can make a porn in under 24 hours?

ID: 987200

13. April knows the lyrics to “Time After Time”.

Again, just like us mere mortals.

ID: 987219

14. And singing that song will draw people into the room like beacon.


ID: 987228

15. If you let Jerry talk interrupted, this is what happens.

ID: 987248

16. April and Anne are…friends?

Excuse me while I feel all the feels of friendship.

ID: 987258

17. And finally: DONG. SWANSON.


ID: 987264

In “Too Big To Nail”.


ID: 987319

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