This Week On "Bob’s Burgers": How To Win At Science Fairs!

Hint: Reenact the secret love between Thomas Edison and the elephant he electrocuted.

1. Don’t turn in a volcano.

This is the best reaction you’ll get.

ID: 972643

2. Or a wine cozy.

A volcano by any other name is still a volcano.

ID: 972601

3. Or anything to do with human hair.

ID: 973101

4. Do your research.

ID: 972670

Hint: Youtube is a really good source.

ID: 972685

5. Puns are good.

ID: 972722

Bonus points if it’s boob related.

ID: 972766

6. Make sure you have adult supervision before you start the experiment.

ID: 972837

Errr, actually, maybe supervise the adults.

ID: 972839

7. Remember to use safety precautions.

AKA your sister for human testing.

ID: 972851

8. Show, don’t tell.

People want to know how Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant fell in love, not just that they fell in love.

ID: 972942

9. You can’t go wrong with a little spectacle.

Bonus points if it blows up.

ID: 973085

10. And remember, don’t be nervous.

ID: 973018

Bonus! Topsy the electrocuted elephant with tips on looking like a scientist.

ID: 972882

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