15 Things Alanis Morrisette Is Cooler Than

Why did Alanis always date such tools when she is so flawless and amazing herself…

1. Dave Coulier’s pinstrip/picnic table combo.

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2. And his weak-ass skating.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images
ID: 836960

3. But especially whatever’s happening to Dave here.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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4. Dash Mihok’s unfortunately small hats.

Marsaili McGrath / Getty Images
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5. And his stupid world premiere.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images
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6. Definitely Dash’s awkward suit jacket/denim jeans combo.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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7. Ryan Adams’ Colonel Sanders tie (wut).

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
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8. And his ridiculously pink sunglasses.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images
ID: 840139

9. But especially Ryan’s sensual microphone make out sessions.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images
ID: 840147

10. Ryan Reynolds’ leather jacket THAT BUTTONS (why?).

Evan Agostini / Getty Images
ID: 840230

11. And his larger than life movie poster.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
ID: 840178

12. Sandra Bullock’s awkward arm candy.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 840173

13. Tom Ballanco’s weird luggage tag(?) jewelry.

ID: 840560

14. And Tom’s fake yoga t-shirts.

ID: 840549

15. But mostly, Tom Ballanco’s super cringy People Magazine profile.

ID: 840283

It’s okay Alanis - we’ve all dated losers in the past.

ID: 841218

But you figured how revenge is best served.

ID: 841230

Never change you flawless 90’s queen.

Robert Mora / Getty Images
ID: 841221

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