27 Texts You NEVER Want To Get From Your Mom

Why cruel gods (of autocorrect)?

1. The “You have a new mom” text.

ID: 3297127

2. The insanely high self-confidence text.

ID: 3297130


ID: 3297299

4. The family recipe text.

ID: 3297366

5. Non sequiturs.

ID: 3297380

6. Any sort of home remedy guarantee.

ID: 3297392

7. The causal “Someone told me you’re in a relationship?” text.

ID: 3297421

8. Any reference to the passing of the family torch.

ID: 3297499

9. A cool new emoticon.

ID: 3297587

10. The “We’re having a great time now that you moved out of the house!” text.

ID: 3297750

11. Any text about locations or directions.

ID: 3297790

12. That superfluous clarification text.

ID: 3297805

13. The text when you realize your Mom’s too busy for even you.

ID: 3297978

14. Any text that will end in you vomiting on your phone.

ID: 3298022

15. The ;) text.

ID: 3298026

16. The “We’re still working through our problems” text.

ID: 3298090

17. The obligatory Sunday family dinner reminder.

ID: 3298151

18. Any and all single entendres.

ID: 3298319

19. Any pontification on internet lingo.

ID: 3298335

20. The “Someone told me you’re having trouble in your relationship?” text.

ID: 3298370

21. Any text about new age-y shit.

ID: 3298392

22. The “You just moved out and I’m checking up on you!” text.

ID: 3298467

23. Any texts bout the new fad she and all her friends are trying.

ID: 3298477

24. No seriously, ban fads, especially if they’re diet-related.

ID: 3298514

25. The “I know what you’ve been keeping from me!” text.

ID: 3298538

26. The “15-minute warning” text.

ID: 3298713

27. And the indecisive, “Should I have really bought this?” text.

ID: 3298383

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