“Supernatural” As Told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It

Literally everything I know about this show comes from my tumblr dash.

1. So there’s these two brother lovers.

They’re definitely brothers, and maybe lovers?

ID: 1262505

2. This is the pretty one. He’s like America’s Next Top Model pretty.

He used to model these……….brick pants? Under the name Jenny Thunder?

ID: 1262584

3. Top Model loves pie. Which is not a metaphor.

ID: 1262613

6. The other one is a very attractive moose.

ID: 1262739

7. And they hunt demons together and save the world and are humanity’s last hope.

ID: 1262538

8. The brother lovers hate their super hot Dad who also used to hunt demons.

IDK he left them to kill things? Or maybe just to get more cigarettes? He’s dead? Or maybe in like purgatory?

ID: 1262894

9. And they love their fake Dad who also hunts demons.

ID: 1262532

10. Their tragic backstory begins with their Mom on the ceiling.

Cause of death: Demons. Recommended Therapy: Dedicate your life and the life of your two sons to avenging her death.

ID: 1263034

11. Apparently the Moose has an Electra complex because his girlfriend, Tyra from FNL, dies the same way.

It’s okay Tyra you get to date Tim Riggins and Landry, you don’t need this moose.

ID: 1263068

12. Actually all the *love interests on this show seem to die horrifically.

Poor Duncan Kane’s dead baby mama from Veronica Mars.

ID: 1263261

14. EVERYONE on this show seems to die horrifically.

ID: 1290847

15. (pause to pour one out for the redshirts)

ID: 1290852

16. But they seem to kick ass on the way out so it’s fine.

ID: 1263311

17. Unless they come back possessed? Pretty sure she’s the Devil now.

ID: 1263364

18. Just kidding Jacob from Lost is the Devil. And he has a huge crush on the Moose.

ID: 1263465

19. It’s okay though, the brother lovers have this Yogurt Man to help them fight the Devil.

ID: 1263674

20. Yogurt Man is like this totally fearsome reBeL angel.

(note sexy brooding black wings)

ID: 1263659

21. His smack talk might need work though.

ID: 1263785

22. Actually all his talk might need work.

ID: 1263794

25. That’s okay, Top Model loves Yogurt Man anyway.

ID: 1264060

26. So it’s obviously going to end tragically and in fire.

I’m sensing a pattern.

ID: 1263473

27. Don’t cry over your lost yogurty love Top Model, you’ll feel better after a milkshake.

ID: 1291046

28. Why not invite your friend the New Guy over so he can cheer you up with sock puppet theater?

ID: 1264740

29. Or blast some epic thrash metal while driving too fast in your studmobile?

ID: 1291316

30. See? You totally feel better, dance it out Top Model.

ID: 1291344

31. J/K this is the initiation dance of the brother lovers’ secret midnight society, Team Free Will. I can only assume they sashay demons to death.

Respect the rituals damn it.

ID: 1291373

32. And that’s basically it, that’s the show.

ID: 1291391

33. Conclusion: Mark Sheppard is on it and therefore it must be good.

Adding to my watch list ASAP.

ID: 1290820

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