21 Reasons To Ban Weddings


1. Because bridezillas are the most terrifying creature know to man.

2. Because the level of aniexty will go all the way up to plastic surgery.

3. Because it’ll just cause ANOTHER family fight.

5. Because someone really important won’t be there.

6. Because there is no such thing as the sanctity of marriage.

7. Because losing your deposits is a bitch.

8. Because not eveyone there actually wishes you well.

9. Because you shouldn’t have to lose 10 lbs.

10. Because it becomes about mementos instead of the moment.

11. Because you can’t keep up with the Kardashians.

12. Because the wedge they drive between you and your loved ones.

13. Because cold feet.

14. Because sometimes life gets in the way.

15. Because a fancy party can’t hide insecurities.

16. Because someone will be the obligatory sad drunk.

17. Because your vendors are only here to make you fucking miserable and broke.

18. Because it turns into a popularity contest.

19. Because you’ll never be good enough for your in-laws.

20. Because you need everything to right, it will all go wrong.

21. Because all the important stuff comes after the wedding anyway.

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