25 Reasons Neil deGrasse Tyson Is A Universal Treasure

Be stilling my beating star stuff.

1. Because Neil is the only being in the cosmos who is a bigger Sagan fangirl than you.


2. Because peer pressure doesn’t work on him.


3. Because he’s always looking out for you.

5. Because to him, science is an art.

6. Because he’s mastered the humblebrag.


7. And is also a very effective fry stealer, perfecting his technique over decades.


8. Because he can read your sign baby.

9. Because NdT knows what free speech really means.

10. Because he scientifically proved that LA is the worst.

11. Because this is his sick ass ride.

13. Because he’s trying to make it as easy as possible for intelligent life to find us.

14. Because he proved that cool guys can look at explosions.


18. Because he believe in the betterment of mankind, not just America.

19. Because he’s literally three steps ahead of everyone else at all times.


20. Because his shade is literally universal.

21. Because he sees you tumblr.

22. Because he cuts a mean rug.

23. BECAUSE HE SAID THE THING (and also you know emerged from the fucking comsos).


24. Because he doesn’t want you to be anyone but yourself.

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