17 Questionable Things That Instagram Users Think Are #Nerd


1. Is this (adorable) baby chick eating #SuperSoldierSerum?

2. Do these weird feathered and bedazzled child flip flops bestow the power of #HumanFlight?

3. Maybe this Starbucks coffee is #Veritaserum?

4. Is this another doorway to #Narnia?

Please note it’s also tagged as #dogsofsummer. Whatever that means.


6. Uh…does each wrinkle on this puppy’s (also adorable) face hold a different #multiverse?

7. Maybe this ferris wheel goes fast enough to #TimeTravel?

8. ……………

9. I can only assume this face mask is made out of #VibraniumAlloy?

10. Uh…maybe Horsehead Man is entering the #WorstCostumeContest?


11. Maybe this is Aquaman’s version of #DrinkingTheBloodOfHisEnemies?

12. Maybe her flower bikini is #irradiated and she’s trying to call for help?

13. I can only assume this drunk bro in a parking lot is taking a pic with #SueStorm.

14. And that this is #preserum Steve Rogers taking inspirational shirtless bathroom selfies on his iPhone.

15. Double Styles = #HumanCloning #Truthers #ThingsTheGovernmentDoesn’tWantYouToKnow

16. Idk, ‘Cranberry’ must be a code word for #PolyjuicePotion?

17. No idea. Literally no fucking clue.

What the actual fuck? How does porn, candy, Active bars, and a giant fucking knife end with a #nerd? TELL ME INSTAGRAM.

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