22 People Who Should Have Stayed In School

Science + Math + You = Functional Human Being

1. This teacher who is telling children that our ancestors lived with the dinosaurs.

ID: 1162815

2. This person who’s concerned about almond anatomy.

ID: 1193585

3. This person who doesn’t know his girlfriend still hates him.

ID: 1194511

4. This person who has never played Tetris.

ID: 1201913

5. This person who doesn’t think the sun isn’t a star because stars live in the sky.

Where does the sun live in this alternate reality though?

ID: 1194504

6. This guy who’s really concerned about the geometric compatibility of his butt and an ice cube.

ID: 1193868

7. This person who knows $25 for Smurfs is a steal.

ID: 1193485

8. This professional pet cremator.

ID: 1193726

9. This person who doesn’t quite understand ovals.

ID: 1194484

10. This person who can’t grasp the concept of 4.54 billion.

ID: 1202396

11. This person who had a crowbar and no screwdriver.

ID: 1171055

12. This future mother who is just inoculating her kid against the effects of marijuana.

ID: 1196391

13. Speaking of high people…

ID: 1173438

14. This population control enthusiast.

ID: 1197697

15. These girls who don’t know that 65mph = 65mph.

ID: 1202341

16. This person who is wildly optimistic on the longevity of the average person.

ID: 1197870

17. This person who is also wondering if humans floated everywhere before Newton ‘invented’ gravity.

ID: 1197981

18. This person who thinks that the jellyfish part of jellyfish can go away.

ID: 1197902

19. This future Ponzi scheme victim.

ID: 1197974

20. This registered voter.

ID: 1197978

21. This person who has never heard of a space station.

ID: 1198075

22. This person who doesn’t know what Earth is.

ID: 1197890

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