Definitive Proof That Horses Are Actually Man’s Best Friend

According to Disney movies anyway.

1. So horses are clearly man’s best friend.

Pegasus is such a good bro.

ID: 1083891

2. I mean look at this prankster, how could you not want to hang out him?

ID: 1083884

3. Horses are literally up for anything, who else would chase down a train with you?

ID: 1084473

4. Or jump off a cliff with you?

ID: 1084430

5. Bonus, they party hard.

You know this is great drunk brunch story waiting to happen.

ID: 1075323

6. And love to dance like no one’s watching.


ID: 1083851

7. They’re not afraid to tell you to get your shit together.


ID: 1075251

8. And give you the push you need.

ID: 1084130

9. But they will totally judge anyone who is judging you.

ID: 1075511

10. I mean look at this bitch please face.

ID: 1075742

11. Could you ask for anything better?

ID: 1075808

12. No seriously, they won’t stand anyone talking shit about you.

ID: 1075441

13. Horses will cut a bitch. In the name of friendship.

ID: 1075225

14. And help you stomp on all the haters.

ID: 1075500

15. Horses will be your biggest cheerleader.

ID: 1083970

16. And always know when you need a hug.

ID: 1083841

17. They’re always happy to lend a sympathetic ear.

Give it time Mulan, they’re not all bad.

ID: 1084068

18. But best of all, horses will literally carry you when you feel like you can’t go on.

ID: 1083867

19. So who’s your new best friend? This guy obviously.

ID: 1084435

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