21 Animals That Desperately Need A Hand


1. This dog who foiled his own escape.

ID: 1017338

2. This cat who was trying to follow that dog to freedom.

ID: 1040983

3. This cat who just wanted that last bit of soup.

ID: 1018732

4. This cat who just wanted to play sous chef.

ID: 1039834

5. This dog who is just trying to release his pet stick into its natural habitat.

ID: 1040336

6. This elk who just wanted to take it easy for a minute.

ID: 1042897

7. This cat who is trying to find the entrance to Narnia.

ID: 1023266

8. This cat who dreams of flying. Or maybe just flying through clothes.

ID: 1039852

9. This kitty who just wants to recycle.

ID: 1023280

10. This attack cat who was just defending his dominion.

ID: 1023560

11. This cat who was trying to be nice and warm your kitchen counter.

ID: 1023600

12. This dog who hasn’t watched enough Swamp People to know how to defend himself against an alligator attack.

ID: 1040315

13. This cat who is trying to leave his childish ways behind.

ID: 1039831

14. This kitty who just wants to know WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!?!

ID: 1023593

15. This ferret who is just trying to learn Wonderwall to impress the ladies.

ID: 1040748

16. This cat who couldn’t resist diving into those packing peanuts like Scrooge McDuck into a pile of money.

ID: 1040842

17. This kitty who will be going to the gym this weekend.

ID: 1040953

18. This cow that has a need for speed.

ID: 1042925

19. This cat who thought he needed accessories to twerk.

ID: 1040980

20. This dog who has no idea what happened last night and why he’s wearing someone else’s clothes.

Samantha Hoover / Via Twitter: @chub_chubs
ID: 1040979

21. This kitty who needs absolute silence to crack the secrets of the universe.

ID: 1041074

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