13 Alternate Universes That You Desperately Wish Were Real

This is the Harry Potter AU I’ve been waiting for.

1. Harry Potter

ID: 2286620

2. Maybe you were looking for more Gordon Ramsey?

ID: 2836984

3. Cowboy BeBop

Starring Bill Cosby’s sweaters as Spike.

ID: 2836665

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

ID: 2836710

6. Or maybe you needed some more Vulcan without a cause?

ID: 2837079

7. Nicki Minaj IS your favorite Disney Princess.

ID: 2837261

8. Real World: District 12

ID: 2837301

9. The Hobbit AU where Smaug live tweets his life.

ID: 2837450

10. Game of Thrones: Good Decisions

ID: 2838132

11. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Now with more musical numbers.

ID: 2838345

12. Frozen


Now with more murder.

ID: 2838599

13. Finding Nemo, but Marlin and Dory have legs. Wait no that’s a horrible idea, and that one is real.

ID: 2837647

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