Ada Lovelace Was A Badass

Genius, playboy, daredevil. Google celebrates the innovator’s 197th birthday with a lovely doodle.

1. It’s rumored her hatred for poets and love of abacuses started young.

2. And then those abacuses turned her into the world’s first computer programmer.

3. After she met Charles Babbage.

The English mathematician and writer created the first algorithm for Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.

4. Also her floral headresses brought all the academics to the yard.

In early 1833 Ada had an affair with a tutor, which was the first the the many sexually liberated scandals that followed her through the years.

5. And she was fond of the gaming tables.

She even formed a gambling syndicate with some friends to try and perfect a successful mathematical model for large bets.

6. TL;DR - Lovelace was a genius, playboy, daredevil.

7. And she’s so epic that even Google took a moment to applaud her today.

Happy 197th birthday Ada!

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