Ada Lovelace Was A Badass

Genius, playboy, daredevil. Google celebrates the innovator’s 197th birthday with a lovely doodle.

1. It’s rumored her hatred for poets and love of abacuses started young.

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2. And then those abacuses turned her into the world’s first computer programmer.

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3. After she met Charles Babbage.

The English mathematician and writer created the first algorithm for Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine.

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4. Also her floral headresses brought all the academics to the yard.

In early 1833 Ada had an affair with a tutor, which was the first the the many sexually liberated scandals that followed her through the years.

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5. And she was fond of the gaming tables.

She even formed a gambling syndicate with some friends to try and perfect a successful mathematical model for large bets.

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6. TL;DR - Lovelace was a genius, playboy, daredevil.

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7. And she’s so epic that even Google took a moment to applaud her today.

Happy 197th birthday Ada!

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