28 Abysmal One-Star Reviews Of Literary Classics

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1. “I did not like this book at all the twilight books were better”

ID: 2747448

2. “I guess if you are a serial killer than you would like this book.”

ID: 2746208

3. “the language is too rich and poetic for my liking”

ID: 2746178

4. “Struggle struggle struggle then some Lion come from out of nowhere and saves the day.”

ID: 2746183

5. “Complete drivel….This book has no conflict.”

ID: 2746188

6. “No wonder Melville flopped as a writter.”

ID: 2746193

7. “No swordfights, no prince and princess, no happy ending.”

ID: 2746199

8. “While a brilliantly crafted story, it is my firm belief that tragedy has no place in children’s literature.”

ID: 2746211

9. “I honestly have problems reading classics because of the setting and time frame, reading involves imagination, and I’d much rather imagine things in the present rather than force myself to live in a time where I don’t know what existed.”

ID: 2746214

10. “Pure crap.”

ID: 2746217

11. “Seems to me that the message is here is its OK to be a complete sociopath…..”

ID: 2746223

12. “I feel like DeFoe must have been drunk at the time he was writing it.”

ID: 2746228

13. “I will never read another shakespere novel again”

ID: 2747475

14. “It is supposedly a great Spanish classic but it is as bad as Shakespear.”

ID: 2746236

15. “I agree the bunnies are creepy and there are wierd things going on.”

ID: 2747026

16. “it might be a satyr and all but I did not like it.”

ID: 2747035


ID: 2747040

18. “Mr. Wright did not even write that good.”

ID: 2747047

19. “Dickens is a jerk. Nobody likes his stuff, they’re just afraid to say it because he’s supposed to be classy.”

ID: 2747141

20. “When I read a summary of the story and viewed the DVD, I did not want to read the novel. It was far too depressing to see again or to read.“

ID: 2747416

21. “I still can’t believe that Ma ironed on the wagon in the middle of the prairie. (wtf?)”

ID: 2747429

22. “Aquariuses like Mr. Dickens are supposed to be humanitarians. Most Aquarians that I have known do tend to act much like Mr. Dickens, and try to BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH HOW GODDAMNED HUMANITARIAN THEY ARE. Seriously.”

ID: 2747437

23. “Read this to your child if you want him to live in fear that when he falls ill, all of his toys will be burned.”

ID: 2747456

24. “This was the absolute second worst book I’ve ever read (the worst being Hotel For Dogs).”

ID: 2747461

25. “The incest part and stuff bummed me out.”

ID: 2747467

26. “Mr. Beowulf should be required to repeat his nighttime writer’s class at the learning annex.”

ID: 2747480

27. “Ever since women (deservedly) got the vote, feminists have had to scrounge for stuff to gripe about. Take Ally McBeal, for example.”

ID: 2747487

28. “Never. Trust. Oprah.”

ID: 2747483

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