A Love Letter To Brunch

To me, you are perfect.

2. I know it might seem silly to write this, since we’re basically attached at the hip —

ID: 753676

3. But you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

ID: 753678

4. First off, you’re the most stunning thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

ID: 753724

5. I mean, look at you.

ID: 753717

6. You’re even prettier than Ryan Gosling.

ID: 753723

7. But you’re also really deep and complex.

Panchetta home fries

ID: 753728

8. And full of surprises.

ID: 754231

9. And so cultured —


ID: 754148

10. You showed me the many wonders of the world.

Idli (a light, savory South Indian cake that’s served with chutney).

ID: 754170

11. Remember our trip to Paris?

ID: 754158

12. We drank ourselves silly.

ID: 754197

13. Like, really silly.

ID: 754198

14. And you whispered sweet nothings in my ear.

ID: 753687

15. Basically I’m trying to say, I always have fun with you.

Bacon fries.

ID: 754234

16. Whether we’re staying in and lazying about.

ID: 754240

17. Or getting dolled up and hitting the town.

ID: 754264

18. You pick me up when I’m down.

ID: 754941

19. And never fail to put a smile on my face.

ID: 754944

20. Really, you’re just the total package.

ID: 753718

21. And I love you.

ID: 754962

22. Let’s be together forever.

ID: 754969

23. Love, The Entire World

Well, maybe not the entire world. But close enough.

ID: 754972

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